5 comments on “A Season in Time 1969 – 1970

  1. Thanks for the post. Vic Williamson enjoyed the memories it brought back and laughed at the reference to his fall on the ice while running for the train.

  2. Thanks Daryl, thats great to hear. Be assured those of us who have followed the Dragons for some time and still do have not forgotten Vic, and hopefully in due course we will be able to add his interview with Jason (Onion Bag Blog) to this site as well.

  3. Hi. Thanks for the memory. Made me smile. I remember that season and the particular game you illustrated with team sheet and payments! I must dig out the team photo. I used to enjoy playing alongside Harry Welsh, Pete Boyden, Dave Garrity & co. Short and sweet, but it gave me a good grounding for playing in the Leicester Senior League after that. Cheers! Terry C.

  4. I must admit that the three years I had with the rangers where the most happy days of my footballing life which spread over many seasons I still remember most of the games thanks to all the players and the committee I an now 72 and enjoy my football

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