3 comments on “Dagenham & Redbridge 1 Wivenhoe Town 2 (after extra time)

  1. I went to the Final, shame we lost to Chelmsford.
    I guess it being 1 day before my birthday I was busy and missed the semi. Its a shame as it would’ve been a great birthday present and I still haven’t been to the Daggers ground!! :(

  2. I remember booting a free kick out the ground over the main stand coz the ball was flat, ref thought I was crazy

    • Remember it well phil, I arrived at the ground 5 minutes into the match to be greeted by the tannoy announcer coming on very loud announcing the daggers first goal scorer and a steward telling me not to bother and save my money as it was going to be a long night for me. Bloke got very angry as I leaned agsinst the railings crying with laughter as he was reminded that the side nettng does not count. Happy days. P.s. it was long night bring back McClean

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