2 comments on “Vintage 1950’s Team Photo

  1. I recognise 2 people, (Top 3rd from left in pull over) Morris Green who had the green grocer’s shop in the high street next to Phillip road. And (sitted 6th from left) Peter Green ex fish monger who is living in Keelars lane Wivenhoe, he would be able to name more. My great grandfather Hector Barr was manager of the Rangers around the 40’s-50’s.

  2. Hi Julie, many thanks for getting in touch, very much appreciated. Wonderful to hear your great grandfather was involved. We are un-earthing many stories and it is great to hear from people able to provide a few names to faces. The Club has an incredible history with so many people who put in so much and many local faces who have played for the Club. Its great to remember some of them. I am sure there are members of their families out there who are not aware of past family playing for and in some cases achieving so much with the Club. Something to be proud of. Please do spread the word and we would love to hear from past and present faces if still around.

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