4 comments on “Do You Remember ……. Julian Hazel

  1. I believe it was the 1999/2000 season and an all conquering Hemel came to Broad Lane on the Tuesday. That team walked the division that season and only lost a handful of games. The ‘Hoe played out a blood and thunder performance winning 1-0 with a magnificent Jules goal. They definitely didn’t like losing!! Big fight and lots of *injury time* I believe. Those were the days.

  2. Ah yes remember the extra 15 minutes of mayhem, both Clewleys off and ref Mr Yeo making enemies for life at Broad Lane after doing nothing to the Hemel players who started the fight.

  3. Never been so drunk at a game BEFORE kick off ( Leatherhead away). Club doubles as soon as we got there. Jules wearing a peeled orange skin on his head as I recall ( vaguely !! ). God knows why !!
    The hangover kicked in during the second half…………………. Great days indeed. Oh to be young again !!!

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