3 comments on “Do You Remember ………… Paul Harrison?

  1. Thanks Richie, (Paul Harrison here) it’s weird reading this, I’m very grateful you have though, thanks.

    My number is 07773 084968.

    Paul Harrison

    • Thanks for the feedback Paul.
      I think we probably had the same PE teacher at W.M. – John Chandler or Picker as we used to call him !!
      It’s nice to collate articles like this as the history of the club and players from yester-year needs to be preserved. These days it is all too easy to forget those who have served the club in days gone by and Jon’s site here is a brilliant way of doing this.
      PS I’ll give Mo your number !!

  2. Great to hear from you Paul and thanks for leaving a comment. It’s thoroughly appreciated as were your playing days for the Dragons, which brought many memories. We will have more photos and pieces on your good self in the future, whilst we always welcome pieces from those formerly involved or with whom followed the Dragons, such as Richies piece above. Jon

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