5 comments on “MY ALL TIME DRAGONS X1

  1. well my time as player and manager has been nothing but total fun,love,passion and real….I have the best memories and friends from and still at wivenhoe,it was all a big part of my life….
    I will pick my favourite team with difficulty but truth…I base most of my decisions on players who had the same passion and win at all costs attitude.
    To many of the clubs we played against they say us (wivenhoe) as a little village team who could be intimidated before the whistle was even blowed….VERY WRONG!!!!…it spurred me and the players I’ve picked on to,maybe not always win,but to make sure they new Wivenhoe town F.C was no push over village team!!!!!
    1:goal keeper….Lloyd pentley

    Right back….lee Abrehart

    Left back…Joff March

    Centre half…Gary Hudson

    Centre half…Phil Colman

    Left wing/left back…Robbie May

    Right wing…Danny Roberts

    Central mid….Wayne hannigan

    Central mid…Mitchell Springett

    Centre forward….Alan Day

    Centre forward…john Kemp

    Sub1:Steve Henson
    2:jimmy clewley
    3:Jason clewley
    4:Steve Howe
    That completes my choice and I could of put 8-10 players in each of those positions!!!!
    Miss and love the Dragons always

  2. My Wivenhoe Town all time 11 from the my time at the club. I experience a great introduction to senior football and played with some top characters.

    GK: Jon Cardy

    RB: Lee Abrehart CB: Gary Hudson CB: Lee Neale LB: Joff March

    CM: Jason Clewley CM: Steve Henson

    RW: Danny Roberts LW: Paul Abrahams

    CF: Julian Hazel CF: Alan Day


    Lewis Ballie
    Lee Race
    Kevin Hughes
    Jimmy Clewley
    Danny Smith

    Have missed a few players that could of easily got in the team. Good times and some real characters. Good times.

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