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Memories of a Dragon

Welcome to ‘Memories of a Dragon’, an independent site set up by two dragons followers dedicated to exploring the history of Wivenhoe Town Football Club, through viewing historical articles to hearing the memorable and humorous thoughts of current and former followers, committee members and playing staff.

The Club is steeped in history with a host of well recognised names involved over the years, be it on and off the field of play.   On top of this we have had many volunteers whom have given their all to help ensure this club has not only survived but provided a place for the community to visit and use over the years. It is these folk who gave their all that do not often get recognised, so we wish to not only look at the famous faces, but the influential lesser known ones and pay tribute to them as well.

Do you have memories of a visit to the Dragons home or a game that stands out in your mind? Are you a supporter of an opposition who has memories of facing the Dragons? Are you an ex-player or manager who would like to lend your thoughts of your time at the ‘hoe’? Are you a former volunteer who would like to lend your memories of your time with the dragons? Do you have fond memories of a individual involved that you would like to pay tribute too?

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to submit an article or donate any photographs or press articles that you may have and are willing to share with us.  You can email us on jonathanrensink@yahoo.co.uk with all donations to the site gratefully received.

Please explore the site and feel free to make a comment to any of the posts you read (please note we reserve the right to edit or remove  comments). We will aim to update the site with a new article every two weeks or so.  All contributions will be welcome.


Jon R & John B

8 comments on “About The Site

  1. Love the site. I have found a picture from the green un (dec 2004). A team photo which has nine of us who have made the centurions list. Not sure how to upload it to you.

    • Thanks Adam, I’ve dropped you an email (dragonsden.wtfc@yahoo.co.uk) – you might need to check your spam box if it doesn’t appear in your inbox. Be great to get the photo on the site. Hope you’re well.

  2. I have visited this site over the last few days and have found it fascinating and extremely informative. My interest in Wivenhoe is that I played 2 seasons for Wivenhoe Rangers 1967/8 and 68/9 which is the period when Vic Williamson became active in running the club. It was the period when with Vics enthusiasm and vision for the future of the club great strides were made to improve the playing strength by bringing in players who were proven players in higher divisions. I remember one of the first recruits was Harry Welch and what a goal scorer he was. Many others were to follow quite quickly and the first team was transformed over those two seasons. I still remember some of the players I played with. John Sills, Bill Hill, Graham Peck, Derek Chaney, Dave Lee, John Snowling Owen Nelson and some of the newer ones, Leon Cooper or was it Chapman, John Colclough, Graham Oxley.
    I had moved to Colchester from Leeds as my company opened a new office there and my wife and I lived on Heath Road and Vic turned out to be a close neighbour. I eventually joined the club committee but only for one season before moving back to Leeds. I was made very welcome and the social side was excellent for newcomers such as us. I did revisit Wivennhoe on a few occasions over the years and still found it quite charming.
    Of course I followed the fortunes of the club over the years and what an achievement to reach the level it did in Senior football.
    There is a photograph on this site of the 1968/69 team and much to my surprise I feature in it. I am kneeling down on the extreme right of the front row. I was very pleased to think that I might have made a contribution to the changes which took place, however small!
    I would just like to conclude with little story. In the early 70s I played in a match in Huddersfield against Huddersfield Poly and in the changing rooms I heard this North Essex accent from one of the opposing players. On chatting to the guy he confirmed that he was from the area and was a relative of Mick Hatch another friendly guy who I remember.
    Thank you for bringing back back many happy memories of my short time in Wivenhoe and of playing for Wivenhoe Rangers.

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